Hello August

I've been waiting impatiently for you since November.

It seems as though I've neglected this little corner of my world lately. I suppose I'm mentally checking out of many things with preparations to see my lover. Yes, he will be here shortly. OPSEC ruins countdowns and that sort of thing so I'll keep the deets on the down low. But my absence has been a mixture of R&R prep..finding a job..and less internet time. You can call me Barista, thanks Jesus for the short job hunt! Enjoying the real world truly is a lovely thing. But to contradict my new found love for reality, I got a Pinterest account..my internet intake may be drastically increasing again..I guess it'll just get me through the last leg of deployment :) Can't be too harmless, right?

R&R check list:
finish summer school
get hair highlighted
find new bathing suit
finish editing all shoots
do all laundry
clean house
get Mr's favorite groceries

*almost there and feeling accomplished!


  1. YEA!!! SO glad he is almost here!! I'm sure you both need the R&R time so badly!! He will love your new sassy hair, i'm sure!! i feel bad i ever say i am lonely or things like that, when you girls have such a longer amount of time to be without your lovers. You're amazing! Good job on the new job, weee!!

  2. OH! How exciting. :) I'm really super excited for August to be here too because I get to see my love this month. My list looks somewhat similar minus the fact we don't live together, but oh well.
    Hope y'all enjoy the time!!
    Much love x

  3. 'elloooo barista.

    i'm totally laughing over the paragraph about pinterest:)

  4. YAY! R&R with my man was UH-MAZING and I'm sure yours will be too! Enjoy it, it definitely goes way too fast :)

  5. Congrats on the job! I'm so happy that you will soon be reunited with the hubs. You definitely deserve this R&R break! enjoy <3

  6. I am so excited for you and congrats on the job! i'm thinking of becoming a barista although I know nothing about coffee because i don't drink it! ha I can't wait for you two to be together again!