lovey dovey

I had a good talk with Mr tonight.
It didn't start out that way because iChat hated us and so did Skype.
But the pixelated face eventually took form and the robotic voice turned into my lover.
We talked about how much we love each other,
(I know I know..gag).
I'm a romantic what can I say?
How we can't wait to be parents...and maybe sooner than we planned
no I'm not pregnant, he's not here, remember?
I just can't wait to know the love of a parent,
and know that I made that little person with Mr.
It's so refreshing to get in a good talk since I've been so busy lately.
I love that husband o' mine.


  1. ahh how exciting!!! :)
    im glad you were able to talk, and am sure you will make an amazing mum! L:)

    plus, with parents like yourselves, your children are going to be goregous!!! ;)

    happy thursday from across the pond!

    KirstieJayy x

  2. Aw, that's so cute!! I can't wait for you both to be parents too especially after all you are both going through :D

  3. I totally had a dream last night that you were pregnant, and you didn't want to tell me, and Randi was there and she was like "You haven't told her?" haha. Funny you should mention being pregnant in this post.

  4. Awww, i love those talks. I love getting all excited for the future. You guys are adorable. :)

  5. awww you'd be a great mama! J and I have those talks and we're not even married yet. They make me so happy! :) He already has some names picked out (boys are so weird sometimes haha).

  6. So so sweet. I think you guys will make some of the most gorgeous babies.

  7. seriously, stupid iChat most of the time is always pixelated ahahha! although i don't think we'll have that luxury with this current deployment, but it is soooooooooo refreshing to be able to talk and see ur lover in REAL time!! sometimes they feel like just a memory, of a life i once had or a guy i used to know, does that sound crazy? hahahaha! can't wait til you can start on all your plans for ur lil' family!

  8. aww, i hope you see him soon!


  9. Aw, so sweet.
    I can tell you that motherhood is definitely amazing. :)

  10. awww. sweet lovey-dovey stuff.
    i know. i hear and read and see that making and raising new little souls is an amazing thing:)