cake in a jar

Ever heard of cake in a jar?
You bake a cake, then smoosh it into a jar.

not really.

tricked you!

It's rather complicated actually.
Bake according to instructions on the box, except
bake at 400 instead of 350..375..whatev.
How did I ever find time to do this?
Wife of the year I tell ya!
Let's pretend this birthday care package wasn't 
one month late.

[I really creeped myself out with that last picture but I digress....does that even make sense? I always thought I digress was a collegiate phrase and I'm pretty sure it works there....I digress]

It's really normal to have a photo shoot with cake
just so we're clear.

Festive, right?

I'll leave you with pictures from the party.

I assure you mr wears clothes from time to time
but in his defense..he does work out.


  1. Looks like fun! What a cool birthday gift

  2. YAY! That's so cool :D and cute!

  3. you and your hubby are hotties.

  4. Cake in a jar? That is so dang genius. And what fun pictures! You guys are pretty much awesome.

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm doing this for my hubby for his bday too!! I just mailed him a box full of nothing but stuff you put in kiddie goodie boxes! that cheapo candy, the cheapo crap toys, and then topped it with confetti! haha. I love it! he probably wont so much when he opens it and sees confetti go everywhere!!
    i'm making the cake in a jar today or tomorrow!!

  6. bwahahahah! "he does work out".
    hah. you guys are cute.
    mmm cake in a jar!

  7. ha ha! this is adorable. so, so lovely. put a smile on my face on this gray day in ny!

  8. How cute!! I want cake in a jar (:

  9. I love the cake in a jar concept. I never realized how it could feed a man serving our country because it is safely sealed in a jar!! How clever. I am sure the preservatives in the cake batter kept it fresh enough for your man :). I'm glad I found your blog through Michaelas! Your so sweet and funny. LOVE IT!


  10. i want to try to make that for DHs birthday. i think he'll enjoy it. but to be on the safe side i'm going to do a trial run. awesome job!

  11. doh! i wish i knew about cake in a jar when i was mailing mr. darling birthday cake! i just mailed him a box of cake and all the neccessities (that wouldn't go bad) for him to bake it! laaaame! cakie in a jar would have been so perfect!


  12. im so glad you tried it! isnt it amazing? my hubby loved it for his bday :)

  13. awww, what a sweet package!

    you're really cute, my dear.

  14. bahahaha! so cute! =) and such a sweet gift to send your hubs! I'll have to keep this in the back of my mind for when mine deploys this fall! eep! I predict everything will be in jar form so it doesn't get mushed! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  15. Thank you sooo much for this idea!!
    I did some further research on google and found this recipe
    Perfect for my marine, because he loves peanut butter cups!
    So I did a test run and made a few and he loves them!
    He deploys in 10 days, so I'll get started making more to send to he and his squad while they're in the sand box.