ups and downs

today has been full up lots of ups and downs. 

at midnight last night my uncle passed away after battling cancer for a few years.
he was doing really well up until this last month, out of nowhere
the doctors told him there was nothing left for them to do
and so he went home to peacefully pass away. 
i'm okay, but my family is struggling.

we also got news today that my dad will be needing
spinal surgery for an injury he acquired a few months ago from 
falling down some wet stairs at our church. 
he will be okay, but it was just interesting timing for
God to give us that news on this day. 

but to lift our spirits Jesus blessed us with a baby today.
my Godson was born this morning and i couldn't be more ecstatic about that.
he is so unbelievably precious from the pictures i have seen.
i live about 2 hours away from mama bear and baby so i'll be going down
to spend some time with them in the next few days here.
it will be absolutely amazing and i can't wait 
to hold her little bundle of joy!

i also got to spend the afternoon with my little bro which 
was real fun. he came over to help me install this new printer
we got for free (score!) and then we had pizza and browsed around
barnes and noble. we don't get to see each other often lately because
we're two, busy college students and he has a little gal he
likes to spend time with ;) which is great because i love to see
him so happy and she's a sweetheart. oh to be young and in love.
what am i saying? i am young and in love :)
anyway, today we got to hang for
a little while and i had a ton of fun with him!

so it was an interesting day altogether. 
i've been through some strange yet amazing emotions.
at the end of today i can be truly thankful for
sweet baby eli :) i love him so much already.


  1. Grateful that there are good things, and praying for the not-so-good.

  2. Praying for y'all! Such tough things to be going through. Thank goodness for little blessings and "highs" along the way, too.

  3. Your day was such a roller coaster of emotions. My condolences for your loss and my celebrations for the new little person in your life.

  4. aw doll face it can be so hard to receive such conflicting that brings both sorrow and joy. allow yourself to experience both emotions :) sending love and hugs your way. xx

  5. I am so sorry for your loss :( but I'm glad you go to spend time with your family and at least have a little bit of fun! Thinking of you :)