spring wreath: tutorial

I've seen a number of these yarn and felt wreaths on the internet and I was browsing around JoAnn's yesterday (because EVERYTHING is 50% off) and I remembered that I wanted to make one for spring so I thought I'd share with y'all how I made mine because it's so easy, cheap and really fun too!

  • Yarn
  • A styrofoam wreath 
  • Push pins (I chose ones with pearls to add a little touch of cutness)
  • One sheet of felt "paper" (I plan on taking 3 of the 4 pictured here back b/c I really only used about half of a sheet)
  • Scissors
  • Hemp or Ribbon to hang your wreath when finished (not pictured..sorry!)

Step 1:
Cut a pretty lengthy strip of yarn and tie a knot in the end of it. Place a push pin through the knot to secure the strip of yarn, the push pin will later be covered up by yarn flowers so don't worry about it showing through. 

Step 2:
Start to wrap the yarn tightly around the foam. To switch colors just tie the two pieces of yarn together, like you're making a longer strip, and keep wrapping.

Step 3:
Cut out quarter sized circles in the felt. I used about 3/4 of the piece of felt.  The circles don't have to be perfect so if you're OCD like me, just let it go and don't stress over perfectly round circles :) Then fold circles and place a push pin through the center, or wherever you'd like.  Not all the flowers need to be folded the same because it adds nice texture when they're different. To secure the flowers onto the wreath, just push them into the foam using your push pin. These were inspired by Goodnight Moon's flowers!

 Voila! You have a pretty little wreath that only took you about an hour or two to make and cost about $8 total! Pretty easy, right? Hope you guys try making one..if you use my tutorial, let me know so I can see your pretty projects too! Maybe I'll say pretty one more time..



  1. Your turned out super cute!!!!! Awesome job! I love making wreaths! The possiblities are as endless as your imagination!

  2. Oh my goodness. This is the most adorable wreath I have ever seen! Love it & you did such a fantastic job making it! I could never make one that looked so perfect! xoxo

  3. Wow, this is fabulous! I love the pop of orange with the pearl push pins.

  4. Looks amazing! I am so crafty challenged, I am not sure I will attempt to give this a try... but it sure does look super easy so I might just have second thoughts. It's too adorable!

  5. that is so stinkin cute.

    look how artistic you are! :) i love it. thanks for posting this!

  6. Love your wreath! I made one at the end of January, but am thinking it's about time for a new one! I may have to try a yarn wreath :)

  7. Oooh super cute. I like the added touch of the pearl pins :)

  8. It is gorgeous! I love the felt flowers with the pins! I made a Valentine's wreath like this, but it took forever, so I haven't made any more. Haha.

  9. so, so beautiful and thank you for the tutorial! i've seen these too, and thought about how pretty they would be inside a house, to add a bit of whimsy. have a beautiful, blessed weekend!

  10. So funny because I was just thinking how I desperately need a new wreath for my door this summer and this is so darling! Thanks for the tutorial :)
    xo Lynzy

  11. okay, here's another one i absolutely LOVE! how unique! it looks so easy too. i think i'll be making a few things in the days coming up ;P thanks for the mind kick, there! haha