spring has sprung

hey friends!
i've been a little m.i.a. because i've been out enjoying springtime.
this weather has made me quite a happy gal lately.
i much prefer warm weather to cold. 
i love keeping my backdoor open to feel the afternoon sun shine in, and
getting to decorate my house for spring is the absolute best.

the flowers were from the flower girl in my wedding and the tin can was part of the
centerpiece arrangement from my cousin's wedding. the leaf dish
and owl soap were a surprise gift from a sweet friend of mine one day at school.

i love walking around school and finding fun little pictures like these :) the flower
petals on the walkway were SO pretty in person, i wished that i had more
than my iPhone to get that picture because it really doesn't do it any kind of justice.

i put those plants in pots all on my own, i was so excited.
now my mission is to keep them alive.
the other little pile of fun decor makes me smile everytime
i walk by it in my house :)

happy spring!


  1. Your blog is so adorable it just squeaks with cute. I love spring, too. Well... I have a love/hate relationship due to my allergies. But your thoughts echo my thoughts. Flowers, decorations, warmth... oh my! Happy Spring.


    I can't wait to see more of your blog!

  2. That little bike flower pot is adorable!!

  3. I love all the pics. It makes me so pumped up for the nice weather coming through. And totally in love with the owl soap! I've got like a little fetish for owls! They sure give a room a little spunk feeling to it.

  4. these pictures just made my day.

    i've missed your posts, love!

  5. i hope ur thumb is green-er than mine, i tend to kill living plants..hahaha! i love all these cutie springtime pics and the sunshine TOTALLY depicts my mood, i'm so much happier when it is OUT!!

  6. aw, I love those pictures you got of the bike and flower petals!

    happy spring!!! ♥

  7. What gorgeous pictures! Love them!

  8. spring has indeed sprung! :) so happy about this. Winter was so cold this year. I am so happy we're getting warmer weather.

  9. oh i love your springy iphone photos :) ANd yay for working on your green thumb! (the most i do in the yard is mowing the lawn, which i love....but i need to get into planting!:)

  10. Very cheerful and sunny. I love it!

  11. Awww, I love your happy attitude! That pink bike is so cute! I want to plant some flowers this year. I have NEVER had a green thumb though. We shall see what happens!

  12. That little owl soap is the cutest! Who would ever want to really use it?!
    And I love that bike pot, ah-mazing!

  13. I love all your photos! Especially the flowers and that pink beach cruiser...I've been dying to get one since we moved to Va beach last year. I need one!!!!! :)

  14. You take the most sweetest photos ever. The first two are absolutely stunning and so great for decoration. Definitely my style. That owl is SO cute!!!

    Those flower are definitely gorgeous and your plants are SOOO cute!!!! I am bad with keeping plants alive but I hope you keep it up!!!

    Glad to see you back! xoxo

  15. gosh, the flower petals on the walkway are beautiful! sweet surprise, looks like. :)

  16. So thrilled to stumble here, your site is lovely and your photo's, Im in love! So inspiring!