what's on my celly?

tuesday's with this lady
are always fun
so go link up
I already did a post about this but it makes me laugh 
so here it is again.
don't hate
my uncle turned 50 this week
and sported
justin bieber gear :)

Word Verifications thoroughly annoy me
but this one made me laugh

the evil ice cube?

 apparently my laundry room barfed
and didn't clean up the mess

 Mr is seriously one upping me in the  love category lately
He sent me a "family care package"
a valentine's day card 
I haven't even sent him a care package yet
and he here is sending me love letters
and all sorts of wonderfulness
crap I suck
I'm working on it though
sorry Hubby

Snow flurries were in the forecast this week
only the third time in my life
pretty crazy

and here's the snow in all it's beauty
followed by blue and sunny skies
10 minutes after the flurry hit


  1. i loooove that sky picture, it's absolutely beautiful.

  2. wow, the tons of love letters you're getting!
    how sweet:)
    amazing sky picture!

  3. again, ur uncle is awesome. beiber fever, hahaha!
    i LOL'd at the evil ice cube, it's like it was asking the question itself too, ha!
    my laundry room did that too, there must be a virus going around...

  4. Wow, your laundry room really needs to learn to clean up after itself! That is just wrong! ;-) LOL! Don't worry, my laundry room hasn't learned to clean up after itself either.

    And I absolutely LOVE the photo of the sky after the snow! Sooo gorgeous!

  5. My laundry room looks just like that too! We have really got to teach those guys some manners!

    The snow is so pretty too! We didn't get much out here this year either!

    Have a great day!

  6. Love this - Especially the word verification one, too funny