Feathers and Boots

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(No Model Lady)
(The Pleated Poppy)

Cardi: Target
 Cami: Forever 21
 Leg'ns: Nordstrum
 Boots: Nordstrum
 Feather earrings: Forever 21
Wedding ring: My super sexy Hubby ;)

The feather earrings and boots are probably
my two most favorite items to wear right now!
When I first bought these boots they were tight on my feet
and I couldn't stand wearing them but now they fit perfectly
and I'm kinda obsessed with them.
Oh and 'scuse the dust on my mirror
perhaps I should clean more.


Lovely Wednesday to ya friends!


  1. I'm all about flat boots. Those look great; good thing you were able to break them in!!!

  2. gah, you're adorable!

    looooove those boots <3

  3. OMG your outfit is amazing! love those boots!

  4. ooooooh!!! I love those boots!!! And the feather earrings!!
    Totally cute outfit!

  5. The earrings + striped cardigan = perfection.

  6. I sooo almost bought those earrings last weekend... I'm not sure why I didn't now! They are so cute! And you look so cute!

  7. Very adorable outfit. Totally digging the boots, girl!

  8. I LOVE this outfit. I need to take some style tips from you because well I suck at fashion haha. and your boots oh my goodness SO CUTE!

  9. at least you HAVE a mirror....sheesh, a girl needs a full-length mirror, pronto!
    you're freakin tiny. i hate u. ;D jk you look amazing, one day i can prance around in only leg'ns...those boots are So cute!! and i lovest ur feather earrings, so sweet!

  10. boots and those earrings--ohmaword.

    i want a pair of peacock earrings. no joke. i'm on the lookout for something that doesn't cost a ton. in fact, i haven't even researched yet! ha:)

    cuteness. i need some boots.
    p.s. thanks for following me, dear! glad you enjoy my blog:) i enjoy posting!

  11. Ah yes, perfection! I am hosting Fashion Fridays tomorrow - anything Fashion goes- hope you could swing by!

  12. Hi cutie pop! Thanks for stopping by my blog before! xox!

  13. You are SO cute...and skinny. Hate you. : ) Not really, you're too cute to hate!