what's on my celly?

hello all you beautifuls
there's a party here and you don't want to miss it


Zephaniah 3:17 is my favorite Bible verse.

Jumping now from Bible Betty to Road Rage Rita.
Nothing irritates me more than back to school traffic and morning fog.
Where the crap did your sun go, California?

I have mentioned to Mr that 
I want a cute bird tattoo at some point.
Well, the other day Mr and I were talking about tattoos we want to get 
when he comes home from this deployment. 
We want to get something that symbolizes our strength for making it 
through such a difficult time in our lives. 
Well, he suggested a Phoenix.
I didn't know what a Phoenix looked like for some reason,
so I googled it.
I'm not sure where the mis-communication took place,
but by cute...I did not mean outrageously creepy.
Nor did I realize I had married a nerd bomber.
Needless to say, I shot the idea down and suggested he
never put a Phoenix on his body.
Unless it's on his side as pictured below ;)

And we'll end on a pretty note.
I heart you instagram

your turn!


  1. Yeah sometimes what we say really isn't what they hear...good luck with all those classes!

  2. phoenix=scary.

    wanna switch class schedules? I will take all of your classes if you take my matlab and advanced statistics class.


  3. Yeah...the phoenix has now surpassed the dragon for creepy tattoos:)

  4. I no longer feel bad about taking my three little classes. Wow! I don't think I could handle one more - you rock that schedule!!

  5. Ha! very funny with the Phoenix tattoo. Made me laugh =) Husbands.

  6. i'm planning on getting a flower w/ ladybugs on it to represent my children, hopefully for my birthday this May! wow. phoenix is freaky! hahaha.
    you go with your schedule, i can only imagine!

  7. Yes, it is my ring! I love it...The husband did GOOD. :)

  8. Love that you have a picture of your favorite bible verse!! So inspiring!

  9. yea, i dunno about the phoenix.... maybe a baby animated one? hehe.
    love instagram too. :)

  10. hahah, yeah, guys and creepy things. ah well.

    oooh, have fun with that schedule. sounds like you need a break. heh.

  11. I am addicted to instagram! I love the name phoenix and i love the city of phoenix...the bird is scary to boot! Good luck with school, that stressed me out just looking at it!

  12. ahaha i like that he wanted a phoenix, such a boy thing.:) i'm all about cute little birds too, my next tattoo will be my favorite verse with birds in there somehow, haven't figured it out quite yet. go to weheartit.com and search tattoos, sooooo many cute bird ones!

  13. instagram is my new best friend. we do everything together.

    also MY lover wants a phoenix too. odd.