Must Reads

I really love to read,
so I thought I might share some of my 
absolute favorite books over the 
last few months. 
These are some of the books I 
couldn't put down once
I started them.

The Weight of Silence
by Heather Gudenkauf
Two families wake up to find their little girls
have gone missing, with no leads in sight.
Petra and Calli are best friends, but what sets them
apart is Calli went mute at a young age brought on 
by a tragic event that forever changed her and her family's lives. 
Petra serves as Calli's voice and shows the meaning
of true friendship. This is by far,
one of the best books I've ever read.

 The Pact
by Jodi Picoult
 The Hartes and the Golds were best friends 
and lived next door to each other for 18 years. 
Their children Emily and Chris, 
also best friends did everything together. 
A tragic event leads each family pointing fingers at one another
and questioning whether they really know their children.
 Absolutely compelling and a total page turner, 
I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an intense read.

The Hunger Games 
by Suzanne Collins
This book is set in a futuristic nation known as Panem which is made up of 12 districts and the Capitol. Every year the Capitol hosts an event known as the "Hunger Games." Each district must send one boy and girl to the Games where they will fight to the death, with only one victor in the end. The names that Suzanne Collins uses in this trilogy are fantastic.

Redeeming Love
by France Rivers
 This modern day story of Hosea and Gomer was amazing. If you read Hosea 1-3 in the Bible it's a picture of God constantly pursuing you. He will never give up on you or think you aren't good enough and this novel brings that story to light in a beautiful way. No matter how many times you stray from God he will always be there with wide open arms when you're ready to come back. This book just made my heart completely happy.

You Know When the Men Are Gone
by Siobhan Fallon
 I recently read a review about this book from No Model Lady.
As soon as I saw what she had to say, I knew this would be on my list of must reads. This book is a collection of short stories, each a different perspective of families going through war. Siobhan gives insight into the lives of wives who are left behind while their husbands serve overseas. I could not put this book down from the second I started reading it. As a military spouse I found it easy to relate with things in the book. But, if you aren't a military spouse I would still recommend this book to you if you desire knowing what life is like on the home front of a military spouse.
I hope you will consider one or all of these books. Each one holds a special place on my bookshelf. Unless of course I read it on my fancy new kindle ;D


  1. hmm. those all sound really good!!
    i shall look into them;)

  2. Thank you for posting your recent reads! I'm definitely checking out The Weight of Silence and You Know when the Men are Gone :) If I ever finish Freedom that is....

    How do you like your Kindle? I worked for Borders and the e-readers we sold kept breaking down and didn't look like they were worth it (the kindle seems legit though). I'm all about saving trees, but i love the weight/smell of a good book.

  3. Ahhhhh, Redeeming Love is one of my favorites! I have read it three far!! I need to read The Pact...I always love her books!

  4. great book suggestions, i wanna read all of them, ha!

  5. thank you for sharing these! i've had some difficulty finding any good books recently and all those books sound fantastic.

  6. oh hi you just put up my top three fav books (the pact, hunger games, and redeeming love) I have read every single one of Jodi Piccoults novels..I am not ashamed. And read the hunger games series. again, not ashamed.

    I am going to pick up that first book, because clearly we have the.same.taste in books.