Foto Fun

Okay, so it's not friday but I still wanted to participate in
this fun foto friday link up over at Household 6 Diva

 The theme for this week was SOOC, Straight out of the Camera.
So I tried to find my favorite raw image straight from my camera, no editing done.
The photo I chose was from an engagement shoot I recently did.
I love the colors, location and focus.

 all images © Chestnut Tree Photography

thanks for stopping by to check out my raw image :)


I would also like to say that I bought a brand spank'n new curling iron today, that's not Revlon.
Because everything you buy when you're 14 is Revlon.
AND dun dun dun...I got my eye brows waxed, for the first time ever.
Sheesh I'm growing up right before my very own eyes.


  1. Love this picture! I have never gotten my eyebrows waxed. I am TOO scared!

  2. Yay for getting eyebrows waxed! I've only ever done it once... it helped me get my "shape"... now I just pluck to maintain. Ha ha ha - probably TMI. :) Hope you're doing well! xoxo

  3. ahahahaha...i usually get mine done like once a month!!! and i get a pedicure toooo....makes me feel girly!!! and pretty!

  4. What a beautiful image! Yay for a new curling iron. I love curling my hair...maybe a little too much. But it's so much easier than straightening it at least for me! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend (:

  5. Love the bokeh you created of them! And WOOOHOO for new curling iron! It's always good to treat yourself! :) Who do you think should be featured tomorrow for FotoFriday? Today is the last day for nominations!