Shutterfly for the Holidays!

Do you want in on THIS?

 Shutterfly is offering an amazing deal for all bloggers
during this Christmas season!

I used to make tons and tons of scrapbooks by hand.
I loved cutting out the papers and pictures to make just the right page.
As I've become older, I've had less and less time do hand made scrapbooks.
A friend of mine told me about This amazing website where you could make
scrapbooks online, in half the amount of time!

I have not yet made any albums on Shutterfly but I do plan
to make my entire wedding album there.
It's fast, quick, easy and the results will be priceless.
I have seen many an album from this website and not one has disappointed me.

My family and I plan to use these holiday Christmas cards to mail out to
family and friends. I know they will all be jealous of our stylish cards.
They'll wish they checked out Shutterfly before they made their trip to Walgreens.

Since my Mr is going to be overseas this holiday season,
a bright and cheery Christmas card might be just the ticket for him!

THIS is one of my favorite Holiday cards this season!
I would LOVE to make one of THESE for my Momma at some point.
I think she'd really appreciate it :)

They have so many cute cards,
and here are some of my favorites

How cute, right?
All of their Christmas cards are creative and fun.
These are not your typical holiday cards

 no no no, they are so much more.
So go, get on it!
check out their selection here.
you won't regret it.
Thanks for this offer Shutterfly

 you rock.

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