Punkin Time

everything is so pretty this time of year.
the leaves change colors
my house smells like pumpkin spice
and all the fun fall time decorations get put up.
but you want to know my favorite part about this season?
besides the obvious..
constant airings of Halloweentown on Disney Channel
among that and other things...

I LOVE going to the pumpkin patch!

one of my very best friends,
Lindsay invited me to go pumpkin patching with her and her husband
Mr is currently training to fight those bad guys and was unable to participate in the festivities but he was there in heart...and through picture messaging of course 
[yay for iphones]
We were so excited for our fall time pumpkin patch trip
We started out the day getting yummy drinks from Jamba Juice
Then we listened to spooky Halloween music on the trip over
to get in the spirit of course.
 Lindsay's husband really loved the Halloween music :)
so anyway 
after we were in the spirit and ready, we pulled into the pumpkin farm
we were a little skeptical

the biggest pumpkin we had ever seen was right in front of us
only the biggest and best pumpkin patch could house such a pumpkin as this...right?
we had high hopes.
 But we were a little disappointed to turn the corner and find this..
I guess all the super awesome gigantic pumpkins were taken
by the 3rd and 4th graders on their field trip earlier that day.
 we thought maybe the spooky haunted house or confusing corn maze might make up for the lack of pumpkin patch and gigantic pumpkin finding, false advertisement..
the entrance to the haunted shed...
 scary? no.
weird? yes. 
as for the corn maze..well we'll call it a corn path
it had ropes to guide you through
"not to worry, you won't get lost in this maze!" 
just in case you forgot what their scary err..weird decorations consisted of.

not to worry though..
aside from all the weirdness, lack of an authentic pumpkin patch and false advertisement
we DID have fun, so much fun
we laughed..
we took fun pictures..
i bought these.. 
these were just screaming to be photographed..
mmm so much prettiness
warts and bumps in all their glory, but oh so fall-ish and I love it
I think the holiday season is my favorite time to take pictures

well, the moral of the story is: if you want an authentic pumpkin patch trip..
don't go to the suburbs, venture out into the land of fields :)
wherever you go to celebrate Fall time...
make it fun and memorable like we did


  1. I love the scarecrow-dummie things on the motorcycle and in the bathtub!!! I'm naming them Loquisha and Marve. So funny! I'm glad you are getting out and having some fun. I've been praying for you.

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