A Countdown: something that is usually fun.  
It's something to look forward to.

 maybe it's a party.
maybe it's a long awaited vaca.
maybe it's the premier of your fav tv show.
or maybe a loved one is coming home.

For all of January, February and most of March, Mr. and I had a countdown.
He was in Basic Training

I counted the weeks..the days..and then finally the hours 
 that we would see each other at last.

and then it arrived: graduation day 
..we did it! we survived to the long awaited day!

Well, Mr.'s Basic graduation came and went.
Our countdown had come to a close only to start back up again.
the very next day Mr. shipped out to the East Coast for his AIT schooling. 

another countdown, but this one was easier. 
Instead of heading every letter with: 48 days!!
Mr. and I could countdown together, over the phone. 
When our countdown came to a close it was even better than last time. 
This time I got to be with Mr. for the rest of his training.
I moved to the East Coast for the Summer.

The countdown makes it go by faster.
If I can just get through the end of this week, I can focus on next week and instead
of 9 long weeks there's only 8 long weeks left.
always count in weeks, never months. 
Month is a BIG word used to define a LONG period of time.
a week: 7 days.. it's small, not so bad.

The latest countdown was for 9.5.10
wedding day!
what a happy countdown this was.
Of all our countdowns this was absolutely the hardest one to wait for.
 enough with the 15 days..8 days..3 hours..
I want it now!
 I couldn't wait to be married and start our life together.
the day was perfect and the countdown was over in the blink of an eye.
the Miss became the Mrs to her Mr :)

The countdowns though, they just never seem to end. there's always something else waiting to happen, waiting to be the next countdown.

Today marks some sort of countdown.  A countdown I have been least looking forward to.
It differs in that I won't be counting down the days, hours and minutes for something I've waited so patiently for.  Instead I'll be fighting the days, ignoring the hours and
holding on to every minute.

The countdown to D-Day
Deployment Day, that is.
The next big thing on our list. There's no avoiding it.
It's finally arriving and there's nothing we can do about it.
it's like that annoying itch that you just can't scratch..
it hangs over our heads.
we're always thinking about it but pretending it isn't really there. IS it won't go away.

The time we have left is precious time that will not be taken for granted.
I refuse to let any day pass where Mr. isn't told how special he is to me or let him know
how much I love him.

the sooner it all arrives..
the sooner Mr. will be back in my arms.
With Jesus by my side, I will do this. We will do this.
the Mr and Mrs will be okay


  1. Beautiful and special thoughts Colie. You made me tear up and I did not think I would do that yet......Love you both <3