It's a mess, but it's not the end.

So there's a lot that's a mess right now, a lot of fairly standard mumbo-jumbo but it feels like a mess. There are mounds of laundry taking over my room, and there's been more take-out nights than I'd like to admit. Projects have been put off, and I can't tell you the last time I've been to the gym. All very average things, but sometimes it piles up and becomes a little out of control.

One of my very best friends mentioned to me that she recently started meditating before work. The meditation has been crucial to centering her focus on positive thoughts before she begins her daily tasks. This reminded me of the importance that prayer is in my life. Starting out my day and going through my day in communication with my Heavenly Father is SO important. My ever growing list of "messy" can easily be shamed if I made more time for prayer and centered my day on Christ.  Though it feels like the world is starting to pile on top of me, I'm taking comfort in the truth that each morning brings with it, a new day. This new day brings new opportunities and areas for improvement. Tomorrow I will try to do better, make healthier decisions, stay on task, and attempt to mend the messy areas.

Our little place is all decked out in C h r i s t m a s   c h e e r  so I'll walk head-on into the mess with an extra pep in my step. It's totally normal for sparkly decorations to add fuel to the mundane, right?

Little by little I'll conquer my very normal, average mess :)

Speaking of the gym, and not going to it, I think I'll eat my advent chocolate now.

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