plate wall

Back when I was first introduced to Pinterest I came across the idea of a plate wall. However, I never understood how to hang plates on the wall, so I didn't pursue the idea. How silly of me! Ever heard of a plate hanger? Super novel idea. They exist and they are less than $2 from any craft store. I found mine at both Hobby Lobby and Michaels. 

I started my collection over the summer, my first few plates came from the thrift store. You can see those here. Over time I went into West Elm, World Market, and Anthropologie looking for discount plates, and I was really surprised to find some of these super cute plates for less than $6! I'll give you my source list below. 

The best part of this wall is that it's always changing. This is my current setup, and the one I've liked most. I've had plates rotating in and out with the seasons though, and it's a lot of fun to change it up..yet maintain a similar design scheme. 

yes, that IS boy meets world on my tv :) and yes I know my plate wall isn't currently centered...but it's a work in progress, I left room for new additions.

source list : 


Have you checked out my succulent DIY yet? I just love the color here so I had to share it again :)


  1. oh good! i have so many plates I've wanted to hang but it's been on the back burner because i didn't know if they made plate hangers. eek! new project on the horizon!

  2. This is a perfect project to take up a good amount of space on a wall. And it gives you an excuse to go thrifting for unique plates :)

  3. That clock and those plates are all so lovely!