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I'm sure I've mentioned in past posts that our best friends live right down the street. It's been so much fun and over the last few months I feel like I've become even closer to those boys and John's girlfriend, Nicole. I'm so blessed and thankful to have such great friends in my life. But I'm not one for sappy things so let's move on ;)

John and Nicole cut down trees a couple weeks back and later that night all the boys put the tree up together. I asked them if we could play Christmas music and drink hot chocolate while they figured out the tree. But apparently that's not what boys like to do? With beers in hand, they strung lights and screwed the base into the tree. 

I played Christmas pandora anyway and I think they secretly liked it. 

Jeff's unit had a Christmas was run by men, in a cold hangar. You can imagine how that went.

I came home from work one night, surprised to find Christmas lights hung on our house. Sometimes those husbands do surprise you. I'm a lucky lady.

And last but not least, our mother-daughter Christmas baking day. We successfully burnt a round of peanut blossoms, added too much butter to our lacy oatmeals, cooked in an uncalibrated oven and burnt ourselves twice. Oh, and neither of us really like to bake. But it's tradition, and it's fun so we do it :) Love you momma.

There it is. My Christmas updates rushed into one post at the end of the year, miserable fail...but it's here none the less :)

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