New additions and crafts

Before school started, we made a few changes around the apartment. It's so hard finding nice furniture for such a small space, but with places like Ikea and World Market, our job is made easier! Besides some new furniture, I got in a few crafts before the crazy school semester started.

I've really been wanting some new coasters lately because the ones we had didn't really match the themes we had going in our little place.  I stumbled on this idea from Pinterest one day and decided I had to give it a try. I used the coasters that we already had because I didn't want them to go to waist. I'm so happy with the outcome and only burned myself with hot glue 5 or....20 times :)

The next craft I worked on involved some more hemp because I'm sort of obsessed with it right now. But, sticking with the theme of saving money I looked around the house for more supplies on hand. I found a canvas I bought on clearance last year, and had saved for the perfect craft. All I did was wrap the hemp around the canvas, as tight as it could go. After spacing it out evenly..because I'm slightly OCD..I cut out hearts from some fabric I had and hot glued it on top. Easy peasy lemon squeazy.

I'll show some before and after pictures of our living room in another post so you can all see the transformation, but for now I'll reveal our new Ikea chair. The lady I used to nanny for had it sitting in her garage and offered it to us a few months back. We had ugly brown couches before and no space for it but I assured her we would be back for her green beauty. When Mr got home...literally THE night he got home from Iraq, we went out and bought new couches. We couldn't put up with our dirty brown Craigslist couches much longer ;) So after Christmas passed and we had room where our Christmas tree was..we called up our friend and said we were coming for the chair. I'm in love with it, and feel like it finished off our room perfectly. So here's a little sneak peek of our new family room. Oh, and the best part, now we have an ottoman..

I've always wanted an that weird?

So there you have it...all our little home changes on a budget. I've got so many more projects I'm dying to do but I should probably write that 8 page paper first... ;)

Happy crafting and decorating!


  1. You know I'm loving this :) And the new additions are so perfect. I adore your couch...the color and everything!!

  2. I love it!! I wish we lived closer to an IKEA (the closest one is 3 hours away!) I'll have to find some cute things in Target!

  3. this post made me happy:)
    and that heart canvas is the cutest thing.

  4. ah! i love home changes. looks so comfy and cute, all of it :)

  5. The heart canvas is beautiful! I love how you used hemp-- such a great idea!