Apartment Wonderland

I've thoroughly enjoyed transforming our little place into a winter wonderland this year :) I basically sit and stare at everything when it's lit up at night.  The magical-ness that comes with glistening lights and sparkled ornaments makes my heart warm.  To top it all off, Mr and I get to share the entire season together! I'm not sure if there's anything better.  Here's our apartment wonderland...

These mason jars are quite possibly my favorite DIY thus far. Mod podge, glitter and a paint brush. Easy and purty.

Christmas tree cones are like an equal tie with sparkle mason jars in the DIY category. FUN to make and pretty inexpensive too. Tutorial to follow :)

Dollar tree vases holding my left over dollar tree ornaments!

and some yummy bokeh of our outdoor lights


  1. awww, i love those glitter things!!
    hmmm. oh to decorate a little place someday..... :)

  2. Your house is a winter wonderland! It makes me want to decorate my own. So glad you and your hubs get to celebrate together. I miss seeing you around the blogosphere!

  3. I would LOVE to visit your apartment during the holidays! I can't wait for that cone tree tutorial :) Also, is that TV stand from IKEA? I love it!

  4. Love your decorations!! The cone trees are super cute! And I'm all for dollar tree ornaments. =)