iPhone YouPhone WeAllPhone

I don't even know.
We all do phone though, right?
It's been a while since I've dumped my iPhone pictures
here so I think it's 'bout that time again.

Power food for the information overloaded college student


Every night around 8 p.m. I noticed his bright green, praying-mantice like self creep onto my window.
We were friends for 2 months straight.
Until I woke up to his shriveled body one fateful morning, lifeless on my deck.
Rest in Peace, friend. Your life was short-lived.

Does it surprise you that my math professor rabbit trails into stories
about robots he makes, and brings to dances?
No, no it shouldn't. Because not pictured here, is the hawaiian button-up shirt he cycles through
on an every-other-day basis, paired with this blazor.
And let's not forget his beard.

Friends, meet our pantry.
Pantry, cover yourself up..we have company.
Oh that's right, you're an open bookshelf and you don't have doors.
Darn you small kitchen.

Is taping together your blow-dryer a fire hazard?

If you like circles like me then go here and print out the last two months of this year!
Sorry guys, I knew about this back in September and didn't share til now.

In California we have photo shoots with goats and chickens.

You are a beautiful little lady, full of lusciously blurred backgrounds and crisp images.
I will keep you safe and love you to the fullest. Thank you for being mine.

It's important to note that mutual best friend 
 Langston Hughes.

No, that isn't a coffin like our front office girl suggested.
I don't decorate that intensely for Halloween, ya freaks.
It's actually MR's FINAL PACKAGE HOME!
which means a Mr is soon to follow

Until next time..

pinch, poke, you owe me a coke.


  1. i about had a heart attack. i read the first sentence fast and thought you said you were DUMPED. then re-read and you were talking about dumping your pictures.

    i..... need more sleep.
    i also need your iphone :) my blackberry aint cutting it

  2. Let me know on the blow dryer situation, because I'm about to be right there with ya! Haha, love the pics :)

  3. hahaha, oh my. you're cute.

    poor grasshopper.
    love the pantry, and the camera lens. what a pretty little thing!

    yay for that package, too :D

  4. Okay, I have no idea about those dryers.. your professor looks like an interesting guy and WOOHOOO! you're almost done :)

    ps: left an award for you over on my blog :)

  5. my goodness you are so stinkin adorable! loved these pictures :) especially of your professor! cuuuuuute! miss you <3