long time coming

I've waited a year to say happy fall 2011.

Is it because my favorite season is fall? Hmm..let's see..

It could have a little something to do with salted caramel mochas floating around in Starbucks nationwide. I may or may not be guilty of filling cups with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and roasted sea salt..eating it like ice cream then acting like it didn't happen, but I prefer not to say.

Maybe I wanted to remind y'all that the seasons are changing. Like, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't understand why the leaves are changing color and why cool weather entered the picture again. You're welcome.
Or just maybe I've waited all year to wish you a Happy Fall, because it's the season of.. Mr coming home!!! Freakin jeez....are you serious? It's already here?

So of course I can't give you dates because OPSEC...duh. Operation keep Mr's unit safe as they travel. But I can tell you the season, and the season of Fall is a good one this year, my friends.

For the reasons above as well, but mainly because the Mr and Mrs will be together again. 


Happy Sunday but more importantly Happy Fall!


  1. YAY that means sooooon!! I can't wait for you!

  2. well HAPPY Fall indeed!! :) Oh it gives me the sweetest butterflies imagining you two, a couple that's been apart for so long, to be together again! <3 oh and the whipped cream...i've totally done something similar!...froze a tub of it, ate it like icecream too...with caramel and chocolate chips. get in my belly ;)

  3. I am enjoying the salted mochas and just plain hot chocolates floating around the beautiful nation as well... They seem to capture the essence of fall perfectly alongside a pumpkin scone :).. warmed of course. ha ha

    So excited for you and the Mr. to be reunited. It is so beautiful. be blessed darling!


  4. oh em geeeeee i just had one of those mochas for the first time saturday! i know tons of people who've raved about it but i didn't get to try it before now.
    i normally hate mochas, just because i love plain, simple, GOOD coffee with no sugar and flavors stealing the show....but GOLLY this was amazing. <3

    p.s. YAY for your mr coming home sooooooooooon :)

  5. I <3 Fall too, most definitely.