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I hope you all enjoy a nice memorial day and remember
the real reason for this relaxing day off.
To those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, 
we show the utmost gratitude and respect to you.
We also continue to remember those
currently serving our country overseas.

To my Mr in Iraq,
I'm so proud of you for serving our country and
protecting my freedoms.
Whether you see it or not, you deserve
thanks and recognition.
I love you noodle!

I spent my weekend enjoying time with great friends from high school!
here's a few pictures from our night together..

hope you have a safe and fun weekend!
I'm guest posting HERE today,
so be sure to check it out and read about my road trip
across the country.


  1. oh YAY!! so glad you had a fun friend's night!! woohoo!!

  2. Prayers for your hubby! It was a great weekend with friends and family, we talked about all our family members who have or are fighting for our freedom. It was great.
    And thanks for following! I am following you. You're in my favorite blog list.

  3. What a great weekend and thinking of you and your husband :D

  4. Send your hubs some well wishes and gratitude from our neck of the woods!