his boots

this isn't Mr. but,
seeing those boots is so comforting to me
at one point or another he's been far from home and missed by loved ones
maybe those boots have tread the same ground Mr. walks on right now
the soldier wearing them knows what it's like to endure separation
he's survived on letters from home
Mr. was in those boots for our last embrace and will be in our next
in the book "you know when the men are gone" by siobhan fallon one
of the characters talks about an ache inside her when she sees someone in uniform
but also the longing she has to jump in their arms as if it were her own husband
i get that


thank you also to everyone who opened up about their church wounds
from my last post. i appreciated each and every one of your stories, and i'm so
happy to know my post touched some of you.


  1. oh my goodness, I need to read that book. That is so true!

  2. I need to read this book. Beautiful post! I can see the comfort in those boots! I hope you're having a beautiful day! xoxo

  3. When my husband first left, it was to a year remote in Korea. The day after he'd gone, I went to a mall in Colorado Springs to see my mom, aunt and sister. There was a cardboard figure of a soldier in his ABU's, and I almost melted in the middle of the place, with my then 16 month old and then 7 week old. I definitely know what you mean!

  4. I loved that book.

    and I love this post. You write so beautifully.

  5. Awhh I don't think I could handle reading that book right now but I'll put it on my list :-)

  6. Such a sweet post! It's so neat to think about if that person/those boots have been where your loved one is.

  7. this is beautiful.

    you are amazing. i hope you get to see Mr. soon. i love you.

  8. i read the book, because it sounded interesting, heartbreaking, and because no model lady suggested it for mil wives and civilians alike.
    aww my dear this post made me tear up.

  9. such a sweet post. the love you have for your man is so evident. may you find peace today, sweet friend.

  10. aww, i know that feeling... or if the kids say, "daddy"!! when they see another man in the same uniform and i have to say, 'no honey, that's not daddy" :/ who knows, maybe try hugging a stranger, perhaps he wouldn't mind! (just run away in time before his wife beats you) hahaha ;D