What's on my celly?

Tuesday came quick this week,
so quick that I didn't even get interesting pics on my celly.
sorry guys!
 But here's the excitement anyway...

 Is this a good book?
I always get sucked in by covers and then I hate the book,
I guess it's good I have a kindle now so I won't
make that mistake anymore ;)

This seriously rad truck sits in front of my friends house.
I'm a tad jealous.
Notice the beauty-full fog surrounding it? 
I'm in love.
Check out the shoot I did with this truck and her adorable kiddo here!

He eats. He poops. He instantly passes out.
Oh to be a baby.

Did you check out that shoot yet?
no? why not? seriously..why?
ok here's a sneak peek.
now do you want to?

For more fun linky pics and a super fun blog to read, 
check out Jessica's page!
Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. pretty lovely stuff on your celly!

  2. i loved that photo shoot, too cool! is that photoshop? i seriously need to get it and learn how to use it!!

  3. Cool truck, even better photo shoot!

  4. I love that truck! reminds me of my dads old one!
    Based on the cover, the book looks good to me too lol I always do that...FAIL.
    aww baby...

  5. thanks guys :) yes that's photoshop..it gets complicated so I would recommend "lightroom" it's made by photoshop but specifically designed for editing pictures!

  6. They are great shots on the truck, what a cutie :)
    Ang xxx

  7. i really need that truck for a pinup shoot. wanna bring it by so i can borrow it?!?!

  8. I LOVE that truck and your photo's are adorable! :)

  9. Love the truck!! I loved lightroom when I had my free month of it, but now i'm not sure if i wanna cough up the $100 to buy it! :/
    And I just ordered a kindle last week!! It shipped yesterday!! I am soooooooo excited!!! Haha. Hopefully the book is good! I'm the same way, I get suckered in by the cover or the little back short "about" section and then end up not loving it. :/

  10. i totally bought a book at borders last week solely because of what the cover looked like. i like to use my books in my decorating and the one i got was a classic, so it was ok. :)