Dear Civilian Girl

You wish your husband would call you more; 
I hope and pray mine will get phone calls. 

You're scared that you won't be able to handle your pregnancy; 
I deal with thoughts that my husband might not even be there for it. 

You sometimes wear that pretty necklace your husband gave you;
I never take his dog tags off.

Your man carries around books and a backpack;
Mine carries an M-16.

He has a week long business trip you're upset about;
My husband will be gone for a year.

You go on vacation at your leisure;
The government decides that for me.

You wish he wouldn't be so perverted with his friends;
My husband chants it all in cadences.

Your husband trains at the gym 5 days a week;
Mine is trained to kill.

You watch shows like "Army Wives," read books like Dear John, and think it's cute;
It's my reality.

You hear the National Anthem and feel American Pride;
I hear the National Anthem and it brings tears to my eyes.

 I'm an Army Wife
Also, and sometimes better known as the
Silent Ranks.
I sit back and watch the Army do what they please with my spouse. 
I can't say or do anything about it. 
But, I'm SO proud of my soldier
If it wasn't for him and countless other men and women in uniform,
we wouldn't have the pride and freedom we have today.
Thank a military family today for all the sacrifices made.

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  1. New follower here! Great post! Love this part and it made me lol: Your husband trains at the gym 5 days a week;
    Mine is trained to kill.